2005 Update

I am now at Free Unversity Berlin pursuing my PhD and working as a teaching and research assistent at the working group software engineering. You can find my work homepage at http://www.inf.fu-berlin.de/~oezbek/

2004 Update

...I went to the Atlanta, Georgia and got my Master with the Georgia Institute of Technology.

2003 Update

...I mainly finished my bachelor level stuff at University Karlsruhe and wrote my thesis in Augmented Reality with Björn Giesler...

2002 Update

My name still is Christopher Özbek. Place to be and subject to study have not changed neigher. Work schedule changed a bit though and I'm currently working in three different location at University:

Beside that I'm currently attending a Linux IA64 Assembler class, where Hannes Jütting and I have won first price when optimizing C-code.

Interests in the computer field focus mainly on programming languages and design at the moment. Interesting languages to check out: Ruby, Squeak/Smalltalk, OCaml.

First semester version:

My name is Christopher Özbek. I'm twenty years old and currently a student at the University of Karlsruhe (that's southwest Germany), where I study Computer Science.

My special interest lies in Computer Graphics and Artifical Intelligence, but I have also worked on database applications, internet server scripts and cryptology (the last two mainly inspired by Engelbert Tristram's work).

During leisure time (if such exists), cinema and meeting the new mates from the university have become the main things to do. I used to play Basketball and Piano, but both more or less had to be dropped. I'm doing a bit of electronic music, mainly MIDI, and a little bit of MOD-music.

I also have been a great book fanatic. During my younger years I literally eaten all those fantasy books, while Science Fiction-books never thrilled me that much. You can imaging that I'm looking forward for "The Lord of the Rings" starting in theaters end of the year. Lately I started on some literature, just finished "Saturday Night and Sunday Morning" by Alan Silitoe.

My two younger sisters and my parents live at Homburg/Saar, where I also attended secondary school.

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